Fire update and Museumr!

Thanks to everyone for all their support!!

It's slow but sure progress; many of the fires here in SoCal haven't yet been completely contained, but most of the evacuation orders have been lifted and people are returning home, if their homes are still there. In most cases, they still are. My family and I have not been directly affected, luckily, but I'm still immensely touched by the outpouring of support from other states, especially those that flew in their own firefighters from as far away as North Carolina! I heard that even Mexican firefighters were welcomed in...but they had to leave when some fires whipped up on their side of the border, too! If you'd like to help, here's a great list of organizations that are helping out.

I was so happy to see that the evacuees at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego didn't suffer as badly as the Hurricane Katrina victims did in Houston, I know that was a big concern. In fact, I'm impressed all around at the response to these fires, from the dedication of the firefighters to the concern of the rest of the nation...I'm not saying that this whole week went off without a hitch but with the minimal number of casualties, I think we must have been well prepared :)

If you haven't already heard, the Santiago Fire (the one near me) has been determined as one of several arson fires started this week, which is not surprising considering California's current dismal real estate market. Let's hope we catch these sickos!

Personally, I'm getting tired of breathing smoky haze all day, it's beginning to really mess with my allergies. What I wouldn't give for a little rain to clear this air (and maybe put out some fires)!!

On a lighter note, have you seen THIS:

...hahaha, it's Museumr, an awesome little script that can insert your photo into a museum exhibit! I always knew it was a work of art...



Sad to say such a beautiful sunset is being caused by something so destructive.(the texture in the sky is my window screen, I just popped off this shot through my window).I'm not affected, the big fire(s) are north of me, up in Malibu. But we are seeing a lot of smoke from other, less-newsworthy surrounding fires. That's the scene when you live in a desert during fire season...