FULL removal of Carbonite from Mac (OSX 10.6)

Not that most of my regular readers care about this, but I figured out how to get rid of Carbonite completely from my computer...all by myself, I might add.  Instead of signing up for posting privileges in forums I never frequent, I'm just going to post what I did here and with any luck someone searching the web for this solution will find it via Google.So. Carbonite is still relatively new for Mac users and I downloaded the software for a trial run, and decided I didn't want it.  IF ONLY uninstalling it were as easy as right-click-delete like how it is for other apps.After following Carbonite's own instructions on uninstalling it, I saw that the icon was still appearing in my navigation bar, a dialogue box for the service still popped up when I tried to restart, and Carbonite's data-daemons or whatever they were were still appearing in my activity monitor. SO annoying!

carbonite sucks!(The little "lock" icon is Carbonite's)

After looking through forums that described solutions that didn't apply to me (possibly because I'm running Snow Leopard which at the time of this writing is still pretty new), I went back to ActivityMonitor [Applications/Utilities/Activity Monitor, and make sure "All Processes" is selected] and noticed that while some of the applications were running under my user name, others--including Carbonite's shiz---were running under "root."  No wonder I couldn't seem to get rid of it.

So I enabled the root user for my computer and logged in.  Once in the root account, I went to my main hard drive ("Macintosh HD") and looked into both the "System" and the "Library" folders. LO AND BEHOLD, despite zero traces of Carbonite in my regular user account, the program still had a full folder in the Library here in the root account!  I threw it in the Trash, opened ActivityMonitor (again, I am in the root account) and quit the Daemons that were running.  Once they were quit, I was able to empty the trash and that troublesome app is gone for good!

I should add that I am not a programmer or hacker.  I merely have a spotty, Google-educated handle on all things programmerly and I'm probably not the best person to answer questions regarding anything besides what is exactly (and I mean EXACTLY) in this tutorial.  Good luck!