[13] SeaBreeze Pet Cemetery photos

I'm not sure whether this is funny or depressing. The SeaBreeze Pet Cemetery can be seen from one of Huntington Beach's busiest avenues and has been there seemingly forever. I drive past it frequently, but I've never visited it as an adult. The other day I was passing it yet again and I thought to myself, "That cemetery has got to be the kitsch-iest thing in this whole city. I should take some pictures."So yesterday I did. For the record, I personally do not have a pet buried in this cemetery. My dog Bart, who died last September, was lovingly laid to rest in my mother's garden.

Memorial statue at the front of the grounds. Even veteran dogs have their day.The grounds. Impressively expansive and peaceful.This may have been a showdog, as dogs in competitions often have crazy long names like this. Or rather, it's going to be for a showdog who hasn't died yet (no date on the stone). Or this is a plot reserved for four animals from the same owner.I thought this was sort of funny until I remembered that "Duke" had a cross at his grave. Why not?Stones yet to be engraved, shaped, and polished for grave markingsLots of people included photos of their pets. I saw headstones for dogs, cats, iguanas, birds, even what looked like a monkey. There does not seem to be any limit on species for this cemetery.St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals, watches over the cemetery.