Sarah & Nate in Napa Valley, CA

Prior to Sarah & Nate's wedding at Hans Fahden Vineyards outside Calistoga, Matt & I had never been to the Napa area before.  I was aware that quite a few wedding photographers from Southern California had held their own weddings in NorCal wine country, and upon arriving, I understood why. It is gorgeous up there, especially in the springtime. We weren't in Calistoga for more than thirty minutes before I decided I wanted to move there, haha!I ought to also give a shout out to our airline, JetBlue. We had a super laid-back, comfortable flight. Low-key Long Beach airport and the über-accommodating JetBlue is what air travel ought to normally be like, or from what I hear, air travel used to be like back in its heyday, before security got tight and First Class was created and luxuries removed from us peons who normally sit in the back.  And it's phenomenally less expensive than other about that??But I digress...

^ This is my "Andrew Wyeth" shot.

Such a fun time, and such a beautiful area.  I can't wait to go back!