oh, wow

Well done, players. Well done. I can't watch it without laughing.How close do you think California is to overturning Prop 8?

Best Man's Blunder

I have to say, for all the stress and madness that centers around weddings, I've never seen anything like this happen...it actually makes me rather skeptical, I'm wondering if it was a setup, completely staged.1. Generally the bride, groom, and officiant stand a lot closer together than they do in this video, they are really spaced apart here.2. I thought the best man's movements were a little exaggerated, but it could have just been him being himself, I don't watch a lot of best man behavior during ceremonies. That could go either way.I don't know. What does everyone else think? Real or Staged? And keep in mind that the notorious 2007 video of the bridezilla who goes so crazy that she starts cutting her hair was debunked as a fake, staged by actresses (I totally thought that one was real, too...those girls were SO good)! Anything goes with viral videos!

Trigger Happy TV

I don't know if any of you have seen clips from the British hidden-camera show Trigger Happy TV, but for the most part they are positively hysterical.Here's a couple of my (work safe) favorites. They're each no more than 45 seconds:

Even though the music in the first one is from one of my favorite bands, Muse, I'm not wild about their choice of music to dub over everything...but I just love that there's no cheesy laugh track. I think it actually makes it funnier.

"BEE" alert!

On Saturday I second-shot a wedding with Marc Weisberg out in Fallbrook. It was a LOOOOOONG day, but we had lots of fun; for example, Marc, myself, and Marc's assistant Steve all carpooled out there and when we got into the car that night after the reception we discovered there was a bee flying around in it.

And this is why you always have your P&S at the ready!

Things to look for in this vid:
1. Steve peering into the dashboard vents from outside the car, trying to see where the bee got to.
2. Marc realizing I'm videotaping from the backseat
3. Really bad bee puns.