Nixon Library wedding

Thanks to Bishop Photography for inviting me to photograph this, and Agape Planning for putting so much of it together, as well as the lovely Nixon Library & Museum in Yorba Linda, CA. Indian weddings are so sparkly and colorful, they're a joy to photograph.rings and invitation photoindian bride getting readyindian bride and motherbride's shoessparkle sparkleindian brideindian groomindian couplenixon library indian weddingindian wedding bride and groomindian groom baraatbaraatindian wedding ceremony

Is the masterful 'God-light' hitting the couple's joined hands? Wow.

indian wedding couplelove indiaindian wedding sunlight

I like the little bee floating around in the sunlight in this picture :)

nixon library ballroomThe Nixon Library's beautiful banquet hall

Indian Bridal

Many thanks to Jason Meyer for inviting me to help him photograph this brilliantly-colored wedding. Here are a few of my favorites from the bridal room prior to the ceremony:img_4275img_4289img_4344img_4323img_4351img_4460img_4451img_4366img_4454img_4382img_4462img_4468img_4489img_4491img_4758img_4510

img_4503Haha, the "modern bride."