FAQ Friday: Telling a Story Without Words

Today's Q was sent from my friend Trevor:Q: What are some tips for telling a story without words?A: Man, way to go jumping right into the difficult questions right off the bat, Trevor!To be honest, there's no fast-n-easy answer to this (such as, "oh, first you have to go buy the special Storytelling Lens") because I think the best way to capture and portray a story without using words is experience and anticipation.  Since most of the time at a wedding you're relying on your subject's expressions to primarily tell the story of how they feel and what they're doing, it's key to be able to anticipate reactions and shoot while they're happening.  For example, which photo do you think tells more of a story: A father-of-a-bride giving his daughter a hug, or a close-up of his face when he sees her in her wedding dress? The former is a depiction of a supportive father, but the latter is a depiction of their whole relationship.The other point I can mention about "telling stories" using images instead of words is: layers. Use composition to create layers within the photo so viewers can see the entire scene and more fully understand what's happening:This photo depicts relevant information in both the foreground AND the background and is a good example of using layers within a composition to tell a story.Hopefully this was helpful!  Try looking at my images as well as other photographers' work and see if you can find some of the elements of what I discussed today :)