Mission Inn Wedding images

A couple weeks ago was Lettie and Jon's wedding out at Mission Inn in Riverside. This wedding marked the first time that I've ever had to shoot something while sick! Of course we all hope that it never comes to that, but human is human and unless it's something horrendous like the flu or mad cow, I'm still going to be out there shooting! Unfortunately for me the smoke from all the fires finally got to me and I caught a cold that weekend...I powered a LOT of vitamin C and luckily it was quick (feeling better by Tuesday) but Saturday was definitely the worst, with a runny nose all day long. it miserable and disgusting but I still managed to get some great images, so while I hope that this was the LAST time that I'll ever shoot while feeling sicky, I'm reassured that I can still pull it off even when I'm under the weather...! Whew :D

A few splendid details of splendidness...Oh gosh, I just love this shot. Lettie looks so elegant and graceful, and the lighting is so dramatic!WOW! Mission Inn has this crazy four-story rotunda that was pretty dizzying to look down!Hehehe, CUTE...a relative low-fived the ring bearer as he walked down the aisle.Lettie and Jon had an unusual ceremony in that it was at night! You wouldn't know it when the doors opened though, because there's lighting set up outside in the courtyard positioned to hit the chapel door, giving Lettie's entrance this effect! Man, all that's missing is the angelic choir, no?I was worried it might be a WEE bit dark in the church, but it wasn't half bad, at least with a 2.8...they also allowed flash during the ceremony :) Love me some rear curtain sync!Obviously they had some impressive lighting focused within the chapel, too!In the courtyard with all their guestsSome of the Mission's non-rotunda architecture.Grand entranceHahaha, the bride's brother hamming it up!Wow, I guess it runs in the family!! This is the bride's mom, flashing her gangsta-gangsta dance moves all over the floor xDMy other favorite shot besides the dramatic-lighting one at the beginning. Lettie and Jon's first dance.

* * * * *PS, congratulations to Alisha, my lovely maternity model from a few posts back! She gave birth to a healthy baby girl last night, weighing in at 6lbs, 14oz! Hehehe, we might expect a few newborn pics of baby Shelly pretty soon ;)