Katelyn's senior headshots

Katelyn came out from New Hampshire for her brother Zach's wedding (that's another blog!) and was eager to get her senior portraits taken while she wasn't among the "pine trees and maple leaves" of the East Coast.  Katelyn is actually only 16, but wanted to take advantage of the Californian scenery; what she didn't count on---what nobody in California counted on---was the massive heat wave that blew through here the week we shot her pictures.  Can you guess how hot it was by looking at the photos?

WHAT A HAMWhen I commented to Katelyn that she could easily be a model, she replied that she was mistaken in the airport for an actress, though the person who stopped her couldn't identify exactly who she reminded them of.Have you guessed how hot it was?Gotta get an orange shot for a non-Orange Countian!

It was 103, by the way. 103 sweltering degrees during this shoot. Katelyn was (obviously) cool as a cucumber the entire time, though. In fact, I think she was enjoying the warm Cali weather!

"BEE" alert!

On Saturday I second-shot a wedding with Marc Weisberg out in Fallbrook. It was a LOOOOOONG day, but we had lots of fun; for example, Marc, myself, and Marc's assistant Steve all carpooled out there and when we got into the car that night after the reception we discovered there was a bee flying around in it.

And this is why you always have your P&S at the ready!

Things to look for in this vid:
1. Steve peering into the dashboard vents from outside the car, trying to see where the bee got to.
2. Marc realizing I'm videotaping from the backseat
3. Really bad bee puns.