Sunset Maternity Session

Plans are in motion for this baby's upcoming arrival! Here are some family/maternity pictures taken over the winter with mom, dad, and soon-to-be big sis! I love the sun-soaked look that we were able to get.

Family Portrait Season

In case you missed it, I am currently booking family portraits for limited dates, late September through late November. If you're on the fence about getting some, here are some favorites from last year!

Family Portraits in OC

Some adorable families have been turning up for holiday pictures lately! If family photos have slipped your mind lately, you still have time! Feel free to contact us (there is a handy little "Contact" link right here on the blog, or just leave a comment on this post with your inquiry) and let us know what you'd like to do.In the spirit of Thanksgiving week when a lot of folks' minds are turning towards home and family, here are some of our recent faves from all the family portraits we've been doing over the last month:CamposOneYear1070family sixWalthall1019family oneGibsonFam1050family fourteenfamily tenfamily fourGibsonFam1045Harstad1061family thirteenHughesFam1049family eightWalthall1017family twofamily elevenfamily fifteenWalthall1023family portraitsfamily fiveHughesFam1034NgFam1018family nineWalthall1011family sevenNgFam1046family threefamily twelveHarstad1016HughesFam1052GibsonFam1075HughesFam1039HughesFam1050NgFam1057

Luminaire Images Holiday Family Photos

The blog's been a little quiet lately, though it's in no way due to lack of work on our end. On top of Thanksgiving, a destination wedding, our own anniversary, and a trip to New York City, we've also been quietly plugging away at---what else---family holiday portraits! We've had quite a diverse group of them recently, including an evening location shoot. It's all about the real smiles, cute outfits, and togetherness. Here are a few of our favorites from the last couple weeks: