Photojournalism and Stills from "Night at the Fights"

Doing as many weddings as we tend to do, sometimes it's really fun to be given a freewheeling photojournalistic assignment with few to no limitations or expectations...aside from a preferred shot list entirely comprised of a whopping three images, and the rest left up to my "own vision." So much freedom!So it was exciting to get a call from Pat at Sight & Sound Events regarding photos to compliment the video he was producing at a boxing match. The focus was on an up-and-coming New Zealand boxer named Joseph Parker, who was slated to fight another Kiwi heavyweight, Brice Ritani, during a private themed gala event. The video itself was commissioned  by a New Zealand events marketing company specializing in business, sports, and politics---so there were a lot of elements at play, some of which I wasn't even aware of until afterwards: a huge private black-tie party, two international heavyweight athletes, an independent documentary video, and numerous reporters following everything. Fun stuff, and especially interesting behind the scenes.

Joseph preparing with coach Kevin Barry

Ultimately after six rounds and no KO, Joseph was declared the winner unanimously by judges due to (from what I can only guess thanks to my limited experience) his impressive speed and style as the two were fairly evenly matched otherwise.

Regardless of personas that I understand are cultivated for sports careers in front of media, both Brice and Joseph were the epitome of polite and friendly to everyone around them---model athletes with what are sure to be exciting careers to watch.