Spirited runners

Occasionally I shoot for a company that serves as the official photographers for major community sports events, most often marathons, triathalons, etc. I don't particularly enjoy it, as I often have to get up before sunrise to work their events...luckily the work is relatively brainless and easy, which is fine for me as I am hardly a morning person.Generally, however, I do not keep the photos that I shoot for them. I store the pictures on my external hard drive for about a week after sending them a disc, and then delete them. 90% of them have no place in my portfolio and I don't prefer to tout my experience as a sports shooter, something that would be obvious from the number pinned squarely on any marathoner's chest.Nevertheless...the remaining 10% of the shots I get for them that I can't bring myself to delete are generally from kids' races, which are usually held at every major marathon. Children on a whole are just wonderful to photograph because they are so rarely self-conscious, which allows their personality to just shine through like a sunbeam. And if they're racing, they're usually too distracted to pay attention to a photographer. They are SO EXPRESSIVE.In fact, I was so inspired by the images of the kids I shot last week at the Newport Beach Spirit Run I had to make a slideshow. You will see more spirit in these 20-ish photos of kids running than the 2,000 other pictures I took of adult marathon runners.