[11] Maternity images

One of my myriad portrait shoots this weekend was of Emily, now pregnant with her second lil' bundle of joy! I drove to Emily's house in the POURING RAIN, and kicked off the session with some pics of her daughter Natalie:

"Waiting for Santa," hee!Natalie wanted to show me her painting before she went to take a nap!Emily, RE-DEFINING "hot mama!" What a smokin' portrait, I love this one.Baby Justin is due in January and I'm excited to do his newborn portraits---I've already got some cute ideas!Justin isn't even here yet and he already has one heck of a nursery...I'm kind of jealous, I wish my room was as cool has his.

[11] Maternity images

-----WARNING: This post contains fine art photography featuring partial nudity. If you'll get yourself, LiveJournal, and me in trouble for looking, then do us all a favor and DON'T LOOK.----This weekend my good friend Alisha was kind enough to model for me. She's awesome because she kept repeating what every photographer loves to hear--"Whatever you want;" "Anything you say," "Whatever you think is good," etc...even when I asked her to get nekked!THANKS, ALISHA---you're a DREAM MODEL!!Anyway, Alisha and her husband Mark have a baby girl due in a few weeks, so I decided to try a few maternity shots with her. I've researched some popular maternity photo styles and I can't believe how boring it all is. Well, I don't mean BORING, I just mean a lot of it looks all the same and I felt so uninspired looking at them.That's why I'm glad Alisha is so accommodating and willing to let me try out some ideas with her. I have to say that I'm beyond pleased with the result (and hopefully she is too!)...

A standard maternity shot. I thought I'd better get at least one before I go all experimental on her.This baby will be Alisha's second and she doesn't have very many noticeable stretch marks, so I was very impressed!Alisha's eyes are so electric blue they'll stop you in your tracks, so I had to get a shot featuring them!Since the baby will be born right around Halloween, I thought a little splash of orange would be a nice touch.

Little Shelly....arrival impending!