Chrys & Rick: Dominican Republic wedding

The opportunity that Matt and I had to photography Chrys and Rick's wedding a couple weeks ago in the Dominican Republic was like a total quintuple scoop of madcap fortune. Chrys found me on the internet and was assured by her wedding planner, her friends, and Ricky's Dominican relatives that there was no way she'd find the same kind of photographer in Puerto Plata, where the wedding would be. She hired us after only speaking to me on the phone and as luck would have it, we totally clicked. I couldn't believe how amazingly cool Chrys and Rick are, and to top it off, they have some of the most fun, friendly, and hardcore party animals of friends and family that I'd ever met. When we rolled into Sun Village Resort and Spa, we were greeted with handshakes, slaps on the back, even hugs from total strangers. Matt and I not only made some wicked sweet images that weekend, we also made a truckload of new friends from all over the United States and the Dominican Republic. It was an incredible experience and I am so glad we did it!!

One of my favorite pictures; Wedding day sunset at Sun Village Resort & Spa in Puerto Plata

Chrys & Rick, during a little pre-rehearsal dinner session at the Casa Colonial Beach & Spa boutique hotel.

Really cool tree I saw during a little countryside expedition Chrys & Rick invited us on with the guests.

Rick's family in the Dominican are businesspeople and land-owners and, (unbeknownst to us until we arrived!), relatives of the first freely-elected president of the Dominican Republic. These are some beef ranchers crossing a river on some of their property.

Wedding day!

What do guys do to prep for a kickback island wedding? Soccer and cocktails of course, all before lunch. Image by Matt.

Image by Matt.


Chrys lookin' supah-fly!

Chrys was very proud of her shoes. What is it with East Coasters and their amazing shoes??

Rick lookin' pretty supah-fly himself. Image by Matt.

Image by Matt.

The weather was looking pretty grim up until the very minute Chrys walked down the aisle. I think that officially makes her a ray of sunshine, awww!

The wedding day sunset :)

Could this couple be any more fun?

Could their wedding party be any more fun??

Something about this reminds me of Norman Rockwell.

I really, really like this shot, and I can't put my finger on why.

Rick said that when he suggested getting married in the Dominican Republic to Chrys, after visiting Puerto Plata Chrys said, "Well I can see why!"

The reception tent took all day to erect, and was constructed without lifts or ladders. Impressive!

Rick's family invited this *insane* sax player to come jam with the band and the B.J. the DJ, and it was awesome!

Image by Matt

Divy up that cake!Chrys and Rick made us feel more than welcome, we felt like actual wedding guests on camera duty. SO. MUCH. FUN. I wish it was still happening!