Back to School Portraits!

back to school

Announcing our Back-To-School Special!

Maybe school isn't always as fun as summertime at the beach, but when I was a kid, I really enjoyed getting crisp new notebooks and stylish new clothes in the weeks before my first fall classes.  Celebrate your child's scholarly pursuits, and receive a complimentary 8x10 PLUS a free set of wallets when you commission a portrait session for your school-aged kid(s) between July 31st and August 31st!  BONUS: This year we are also permitting siblings to sit for free*, so there is only one session commission fee even if you have multiple students in your household this fall!



Contact Luminaire Images to schedule your session...quick, before the bell rings!

*Up to four participants

Senior Portraits: Clarissa

I've gotten comments before on how Clarissa and I look related. That's because we are!  Clarissa is my cousin from Taft, CA who made a special trip down just to visit me...and my camera.img_6693-copy1

Looking at this picture, I sure as heck HOPE we look related!  WOW.


img_6722-copy1Clarissa told me that she really loves "music, piano, and [her] chucks."  A girl after my own heart! I wore my own red ones during this shoot just for her!  OK, and maybe a little bit for me. Those red sneakers of mine have history, you know.





Katelyn's senior headshots

Katelyn came out from New Hampshire for her brother Zach's wedding (that's another blog!) and was eager to get her senior portraits taken while she wasn't among the "pine trees and maple leaves" of the East Coast.  Katelyn is actually only 16, but wanted to take advantage of the Californian scenery; what she didn't count on---what nobody in California counted on---was the massive heat wave that blew through here the week we shot her pictures.  Can you guess how hot it was by looking at the photos?

WHAT A HAMWhen I commented to Katelyn that she could easily be a model, she replied that she was mistaken in the airport for an actress, though the person who stopped her couldn't identify exactly who she reminded them of.Have you guessed how hot it was?Gotta get an orange shot for a non-Orange Countian!

It was 103, by the way. 103 sweltering degrees during this shoot. Katelyn was (obviously) cool as a cucumber the entire time, though. In fact, I think she was enjoying the warm Cali weather!

[8] Senior portraits

Halie is crazy, is all I can say. At 18 she works 30 hours a week while finishing up high school. I don't think I even had a job at 18 (loo-zer, right here!).  Luckily she found some time to work it for me for her grad photos:

Halie is really into her photography class in school, and appreciated how linear this shot is.

Happy Graduation, Halie!