[13] Stacy Clark images

Today I shot some promo pictures for the ridiculously talented singer/songwriter Stacy Clark. I've done photography for her before, and she's TONS of fun, one of my favorite subjects! She has an EP out and is working on a new album and her sound is AWESOME I definitely recommend checking her out!

We started at Stacy's place in Newport Beach, where she introduced me to Ollie, her new doggie!

Stacy's lil' adoptee, Ollie! Lookit his widdle mohawk!Mmm, happy light!

Checking in with Stacy Clark

On Sunday I was fortunate to go one-on-one with the incredibly talented singer/songwriter Stacy Clark. Not only is she is as lovely as the songs she writes, she's really, REALLY fun. We had some adventures, to say the least.

Additionally, I have been searching high and low online for a barter agreement template, and thus far I've only turned up one (free) document that can be somewhat easily used by photographers. So I downloaded it, modified it for photography, and now I am hosting it online for the remainder of May anyone to download and copy for themselves, should they need a photography barter agreement....remember, you should get everything in writing! Enjoy!