Linda & Toneka of BWell Fitness

This week I had the pleasure of photographing fitness and nutrition experts Toneka and Linda of BWell Fitness. These ladies have summer bods year-round, and are brimming with pro advice on how to slim down and shape up without drastically altering your diet or lifestyle.  While other personal trainers act as support for an hour or so while they work out with you, Linda and Toneka focus on how you can maintain a healthy body 24/7, regardless whether they are there or not, or whether you're working out or just doing your normal thing!1003

1027The ever-cheery Linda :)

1020And the stunning Toneka


1059At Muscle Beach in Venice, CA


1118Toneka = skillz


1139What a couple of sweeties!  Be sure to check out their blog for current and future contests and giveaways, particularly for brides looking to get in shape before their wedding day!