Chrys & Rick: Teaser

Last weekend Matt & I had the brilliant luck and unparalleled pleasure of photographing Chrys & Rick's wedding in the Dominican Republic. Destination weddings are decidedly more difficult than local ones, but I can't even begin to describe how awesome of a time we had. Chrys' & Rick's families were open and welcoming, and their friends are all so impossibly cool and friendly that I've half a mind to move to Ohio, D.C., or NY myself just to find more people just like them!I'm hard at work editing through the 4000+ images we shot and I'll be in Napa Valley this weekend for another destie, but for now here's a little sampling of our Memorial Day weekend in the Republica Dominica:

Sugarcane fields

View from our room at the resort

Warm tropical storms at the resort

Workin' hard!

More photos to come!