Indian Bridal

Many thanks to Jason Meyer for inviting me to help him photograph this brilliantly-colored wedding. Here are a few of my favorites from the bridal room prior to the ceremony:img_4275img_4289img_4344img_4323img_4351img_4460img_4451img_4366img_4454img_4382img_4462img_4468img_4489img_4491img_4758img_4510

img_4503Haha, the "modern bride."



Same Sex Wedding Photography

When anyone learned about Sharine & Carolyn's wedding from me, they often asked how it works, not only due the passage of Prop 8 in November, but also because right now same-sex weddings are just not as common as straight weddings and many people are purely curious about what happens at a same-sex wedding, as they have never actually attended one.  In response, I tell them that like any other wedding, same-sex weddings can be anything the couple want them to be, and fortunately it isn't same-sex weddings that have been prohibited by Prop 8's passage.  Same sex couples can still get married in the same manner that a straight couple can get married, from the full traditional ceremony right down to the commitment the couple makes in their hearts to each other. The only difference is the piece of paper they cannot sign afterwards to receive joint benefits as a couple from the U.S. and the state.  It may sound like an insignificant detail, but considering that legally married couples receive approximately 1,400 legal and economic benefits between both the U.S. government and the state system, denying a gay man or woman who is just as capable as loving their partner and faithfully remaining with them monogomously for a very long time (right now often without a paper trail to legalize their union, even!) then it seems both ridiculous and discriminatory.In the face of all this controversy, on April 5th surrounded by supportive loved ones and the twinkling lights of the Tivoli Hacienda, Sharine & Carolyn said their vows to each other.  This is precisely what I believe same sex couple should do, with or without their government's support---if it is a wedding you and your partner have always wanted, then who's to tell you that you can't have one!  My hat is off to Sharine, Carolyn, and ALL their family and friends who were there to celebrate with them.

Sharine getting styled by the enormously talented Corvette

Sharine's shoes. No, really. Way to blow my mind before the wedding even starts, right?

Sharine wore the classiest birdcage-netting hat that I've ever seen. I srsly squee'ed when I saw it.

Sharine's mom and maid of honor get a little caught up in the moment when they see Sharine in her dress!

And what a dress!

She also had this chic little jacket...AND, her dress had pockets. POCKETS. The beautiful Sharine

Sharine's mom gets a little overcome

Sharine is such a huge ham, the camera LOVES HER, BABY!!

OK, and the shoes had robots with LASER BEAMS shooting out of their eyeballs on the bottom. YES!! Sharine said she found them at Zappo's.  Who wouldn't want laser-beam robots on the soles of her shoes??

Carolyn meanwhile getting her beauty on at the salon. Stellar composition by Matt.

Carolyn had some pretty kickin' heels, too...!

Last-minute lip check.  I'm a little envious of Carolyn's perfect skin...Image by Matt.

Carolyn and her mother share a moment before the ceremony

Happy couple! They'd been together for nine years already so everyone was very excited.

The courtyard ceremony

Sharine's brother Aaron gets a little emotional

I love the expression on the bridesmaid in the background

Carolyn's dress was pretty splendor-iffic, too!

RAWR, baby! GRR!

Party at Tivoli!

Cake shenanigans are the best sort of shenanigans

For a little inspiration, before I shot this wedding I re-watched a portion of the film V For Vendetta. Can you guess what part?

Sharine gets a kiss from her brother, awww

Groovin' together at last!

Many many congratulations to the two beautiful, lucky ladies!