FAQ Friday: How to Win Over Your Client's Wedding Photographer

This one's for the wedding planners! If you're trying to network a little more with the vendors working at your clients' weddings, here are the top five ways you can win me over and make me REALLY keen on working with you again!1. Business-like is good, business-friendly is better. Adopt a warm tone when communicating with me. I know you are taking on all the bride's headaches, but no need to boss me around like I don't know what I'm doing. Let's work TOGETHER.2. If we haven't met yet, introduce yourself when you see me. I can't tell the difference between a planner holding an official-looking clipboard or catering manager holding an official-looking clipboard, or even sometimes the bride's best friend holding a cheap plastic binder.  My gigantic camera, on the other hand, usually gives you a clear idea of who I am. It also makes me feel important when you take a moment to seek me out and say hello.  I also do not mind when people (clients, guests, and vendors alike) tap me on the shoulder when my eye is glued to my viewfinder and I look like I'm concentrating on something. It's OK. You can interrupt.3. Water, stat! I cannot even begin to tell you how impressed I am when a planner approaches me in the middle of a ridiculously frantic schedule on a hellishly hot day and asks if I would like something cold to drink.  Do I look sweaty busy? Is it hot? Am I wearing black?  Yes, I would LOVE some ice water! OMG thankyouthankyouthankyou!!4. Food, stat! I don't want to bug you about dinner, but 99.9% of the time I do not know when I'll be eating or where I'm supposed to go eat. Got a moment? Come tell me. Triple bonus points if you manage to wrangle some food while the other guests are eating instead of after they've finished---because after they've finished is when I'm really supposed to go back to work!5. Give us a shout out! We're on Twitter and Facebook. There is time to tweet and FB before the wedding, during dinner at the wedding, and the day after the wedding. Mention us. It makes us feel important and we'll mention (or retweet) you, too.

17 images of Sorelle wedding coordinators

Last Friday Tiffany and Wendy of Sorelle Weddings and Events and I braved the teeming masses of women attending the opening night of "Sex and the City" at the Irvine Spectrum for a SuperCute PhotoShoot!
When I first met Tiffany and Wendy, I didn't realize that they're sisters. Looking through these photos, honestly, how could I not have surmised that?Tiffany, bringin' sexy back.Wendy, who introduced the sexy before Tiffany brought it back.It's funny, the way Tiffany and Wendy interact with each other reminds me of how my brother and I are. Goofy, with inside jokes and loaded glances that might as well be in code.Hahaha!We caught a ride on the carousel...Man, what a couple of divas!!

Obviously the ladies of Sorelle Weddings and Events are impossibly fun models...and on top of all that, today I was floored to receive a basket of Snookies Cookies from them in thanks for the shoot! AWW!
Muffins too?!?! NOMNOMNOM