Violet Scripkus photoshoot

Saturday I did a shoot for a band discovered by Matt via Myspace called Violet Scripkus (view the band's profile/listen to them here).I found an old abandoned elementary school a few years ago when scouting out film shoot locations for school, and we used it as a backdrop. I must say, it was spooky-spooky at times, since some of the the facilities we saw and used look as if they could date anywhere from 1940s to the 1990s. Perfect place for deformed psychotics and ghosts. Didn't see any, though.Chaise, Roberto, and Marvin are a bunch of really funny, goofy kids, and I had a great time. The sky was perfectly amazing for an outdoor shoot, too...a clear day with plentiful, defined clouds. These kids lucked out, to the max.

Chaise, guitar and lead vocals.Roberto, keyboards and synth. And backup vocals, I think?Marvin, drums

Obviously a lot of the images look pretty spiffy. It recently dawned on me that a lot of the successful photographers I know and know of rely heavily...and I mean heavily...on Photoshop and Photoshop actions to make their pictures absolutely stupendous, so now I have NO shame and utilize my little digital darkroom freely.