New Site Design!

The benefit of designing, building, and maintaining my own website is that it's right cheap and I don't use a third party for design alterations or adding or removing certain features when I change my mind about them. It's direct and fantastically convenient, and I'm extraordinarily lucky to have the skills to be able to do it. I highly recommend a basic web design class for anyone just starting out on the bottom rung of business'll save some money when you need it the most, especially if you are aesthetically inclined and also familiar with Photoshop.

On the other hand, personally I tend to tire of my own designs within about four months of using them, at which time I wind up scrapping the whole thing and making a new one, which turns into quite a bother since it amounts to approximately two weeks' worth of work...though I do get faster with every design I create. Nevertheless, I think this is my last design before I hang up my hat and just buy a BluDomain flash template. I don't know flash, and those designs are classier anyway, and not TOO expensive.

In the meantime, check out the new yumminess...with a splashpage and everything!!