Andrea & Zach at Weins Winery

Andrea is like my one-woman fanclub. I've known her since college, and if there is one person who heralds nothing but praise and admiration for what I do, it would be Andrea---she must be the hands-down the most supportive person I know. Zach is a lucky duck to have nabbed a gal like her...and he knows it!Location: Weins Family Cellars (winery) in Temecula, CaliforniaFlowers: Allison Stevens of Magnolia Flower ShoppeAdditional photography by Matt (of course), and Temecula native Amy Boring.

Weins Winery on a BEAUTIFUL April afternoon...perfect for a wedding!Amy got this lovely shot of Andrea's dressAndrea decided to put a sixpence in her shoe...because as the rhyme goes, "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue...and a lucky sixpence in her shoe!" Did you know that?Her "something old" was her grandmother's handkerchief.She also had her lucky gator!I always get comments about how Andrea and I could be sisters, we look so much alike. All I can say, if I look half as drop-dead gorgeous as Andrea did on her wedding day, then I'd be thrilled!!Zach lookin' pretty spiffy, too! Image by Matt.Zach's father; Image by Amy.MANLYZach and Andrea opted to do a 'First Look' before the ceremony and it was brilliant! Image by Matt.Seeing each other in their wedding finery for the first time.Ye gods, what a beautiful day to get married!GOOFIES!Couples who are down to have some fun in front of the lens are THE BEST!Andrea in the Weins barrel roomHEY. (Image by Amy.)CAKE SMASSSHHHHHHH!!!Why do you need a second shooter? This is a shot Matt got of the observers of above cake-smashing! This is why it pays off to have two lenses in opposite directions at the same time :)GIT DAAAOOOOWWWNNNWhat the--?? I've seen loads of guys duck the garter, but girls ducking the bouquet? It must be a new century!Andrea's grandpa goes to funkytown with the ladiezzzzI love this shot for some reason. It makes me feel like I'm right there.Bringin' sexy back? Yeaaaaah!

The artistic trio!