On Wednesday night I headed up to Los Angeles to snag some Free to Succeed Tour tips-n-tricks. The seminar was as informative and inspirational as anyone could expect a David Jay/Jasmine Star collaboration to be. There were some familiar faces in attendance (I met the star of Jasmine's blog, her husband JD), and some new friends too, which is good because I need more pals on Twitter. Lol...I'm such a geek.

My friend Kat met up with me =)
At one point I started doodling in my notebook and Kat found it so funny that I took a picture of it. Kat actually found a lot of my fidgeting pretty funny, so I suppose she can imagine the kind of weirdness Matt endures daily from me.Here's an example that I didn't divulge to Kat during the seminar because she was too giggly already:
Seeing the word "FREEDOM" plastered all over DJ's "Free to Succeed" promo material kept reminding me of William Wallace.