So the other night I was thinking about my successes (for once, instead of my shortcomings) as a professional. I was thinking back on one truly triumphant moment and how I had felt like a World Cup player who's just scored a goal: There is a bubble of excitement, a burst of energy, a moment when you leap for joy, realize you've just scored, you've just won. If you've been watching any of the games, you know what I'm talking about, even if you've never played---it's the moment when the scoring player tears at his shirt in relief, there's a swollen roar from the crowd, and the people in his corner to cheer with him, and dogpile on top of him in triumph.I'm sure there are volumes of literature out there discussing how soccer is a metaphor for have to set goals in order to score, in order to score you have to take a lot of shots on the goal, and you will miss far more than you make.  I've missed a lot of goals, but the ones that I made are so soooo sweet.  And the BIG ones that I made...well, all I can say is that they make the missed shots completely worth it!