Emily & Vic, part 2

Continued! Ceremony and Reception images from Emily & Vic's harbor wedding on the 21st:

I gave this image a little cross-processing love, and I think it suits it quite well!

Vic (and Best Man Greg) watching Emily come down the aisle!Emily's mother watching the ceremony.Kelly the flower girl!Man and wife!...With the rings to prove it!At their reception table of honor :)MmmMMMMMMMM!!!Here's a tip for aspiring wedding photographers: After feeding each other cake, a bride and groom's natural reaction is to kiss, even if they haven't made much of a mess. Be ready for it. If they don't move to kiss (a shy couple, eh?), then prompt them! If they care about their photography, then they'll do whatever you direct them to do.Emily signing the marraige certificate....And heaves her bouquet! LoL, I love her face xDVic goes for it.Of all the First Dance photos I took, I actually like this one the best, which was taken by my assistant Mark B. He really got a great moment.By the end of the night, Natalie has had enough!

AND...The new business cards are in, and they look splendid, if I do say so myself :D

Emily & Vic, part 1

I photographed Emily and Vic's wedding on Saturday, and I must say they totally lucked out; they got married on the only day of the weekend that was sunny and bright! It rained on Friday and Sunday, but there was STUPENDOUS weather on Saturday.I was pretty lucky, too. I had a really good-looking couple deeply in love, two talented assistant photographers, and a beautiful day for shooting! Who could ask for anything more?

We met at the Montage Resort in Laguna Beach for some pre-ceremony portraits. It went great, and I'm delighted with the pics...even more fortuitous, we were there the day BEFORE the two fatal shootings that happened there this morning. I am floored by the news. Rack up one more lucky point for Emily and Vic for not staying at the Montage last night for their wedding night!

Did I mention how sunny and beautiful it was? California coast, baby!I love this picture of Emily with her neice Kelly and daughter Natalie, both flower girls...Natalie seems to have struck gold! It makes me laugh every time I look at it.This is one of my favorite shots, completely unposed. This is what a couple in love looks like :DSoCal babes!SoCal dudes!Emily truly is a stunning bride. You would never think she's a mommy, 'cause she looks like a model!Vic already knows that though, I'm sure!Vic cleans up pretty nice, too!

The ceremony and reception was aboard the Newport Beach yacht "Just Dreamin'." in Newport harbor.Kelly, waiting for the boat to leave the dock, and looking fabulous!The ring bearers used abalone shells instead of pillows, it was really innovative!Natalie...what a CUTIE!!

Ceremony and Reception photos coming soon!